Small Bathroom Remodeling

     Many families in our state are coming to us with this issue. What to do with my small bathroom to be attractive? Small bathrooms are a challenge when remodeling because of the limited space and you want to make sure that your choices don’t further diminish the look of your room.

     Here, at Friendly Bathroom Remodeling Michigan, we have an amazing trained team and because there are many small bathroom-remodeling tips that can enhance the look and size of your bathroom, you’ll have no trouble finding the look that’s right for you. Small bathroom remodeling will require a bit of time and funds, but modified this room will be appreciated by your family and guests as well. What you have to do? In few words: consider your color scheme, this will affect how people perceive the size of the room, than install a large mirror on the wall and finally, don’t go overboard when choosing a bathtub.

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Let’s review this and look closer.

Use Light Colors

When embarking on your small bathroom-remodeling project, consider your color scheme. Color can affect how people perceive the size of the room. Generally, white or light colors open the room, giving it an airy, spacious feeling. Dark or rich earth tone colors make the small bathroom appear even smaller. Consider dark colors if you warm and cozy feel to your small bathroom. White countertops and floors open the room by reflecting natural light that comes in through the windows.

Think Mirrors

One of the most popular small bathroom remodeling tips is installing a large mirror on the bathroom wall. Mirrors open spaces, making them look bigger than they really are. Light will be reflected off the large mirror, giving your small bathroom a brighter, more spacious appearance.

Install a Skylight

A skylight is especially significant if you don’t have windows in your bathroom. It floods the room will an abundance of natural light, lending a larger look to the room. Generally, the larger the skylight, the more expensive it may be, so check with your contractor to learn about affordable options for skylight installation.

Consider Exhaust Fans

Although installing exhaust fans in your small bathroom will not enhance the appearance, it will help keep the room dry, helping minimize the risk for mold and mildew. If you don’t have a window in your bathroom, exhaust fans are even more significant. You don’t want excess moisture to build up in your small bathroom because it encourages the growth of mold and mildew, which can lead to unpleasant smells.

Don’t Oversize the Tub

Don’t go overboard when choosing a bathtub. Large, spa-like tubs are popular and comfortable, but they may not fit in a small bathroom. A smaller, proportionally sized tub is more appropriate for a small bathroom so that the room isn’t crowded and closed in.

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