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Our company is a small service renovation business located in the state of Michigan.

We take full responsibility for each project we operate on, so that our clients obtain the results they desire and deserve, every single time. We are working with a unique qualified team that resolve most of the problems people commonly face when try to evaluate, select, and work along with a remodeling company.

     With us you will receive high quality Bathroom Remodeling services at the Most Affordable Prices in Michigan.

     Our goal at Friendly Remodeling is to become a very well known remodeling company in our State. We want our brand to be popular and the best way to accomplish that is to satisfy every client. The only way Friendly Remodeling can succeed is by providing the best design and remodeling service possible to our clients. We hope your experience with Friendly Remodeling is a positive and satisfying one – and that you will spread the word to others. Contact us at 248-686-4079

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What We Do

     Working with us you’re going to be amazed by the number of possibilities. Just the alternatives in tiling will amaze you – anything from standard ceramics to acrylic walls.  From the most innovative technology to most recognized products, Friendly Remodeling can provide it for you. Accessibility bathtubs and showers , walk in tubs, wheel chair accessible tubs, barrier free showers, therapeutic tubs, whirlpool tubs, shower liners, bathtub liners, acrylic bathtub and walls, bathtub replacement , tub to shower conversions, and everything you would dream for your project, you will discover  here.

    The time involved into a bathroom remodel is really dependent on the scope of the project and will vary from one project to another. If you’re planning on relocating fixtures or completely moving around the set up of the room, the construction phase will definitely take longer than someone who’s not doing as extensive work. But don’t worry, Friendly Remodeling’s unique workflow plan minimizes error and usually allows for a smoother renovation process.

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Small Bathroom Remodeling

     Many families in our state are coming to us with this issue. What to do with my small bathroom to be attractive? Small bathrooms are a challenge when remodeling because of the limited space and you want to make sure that your choices don’t further diminish the look of your room.

     Here, at Friendly Bathroom Remodeling Michigan, we have an amazing trained team and because there are many small bathroom-remodeling tips that can enhance the look and size of your bathroom, you’ll have no trouble finding the look that’s right for you. Small bathroom remodeling will require a bit of time and funds, but modified this room will be appreciated by your family and guests as well. What you have to do? In few words: consider your color scheme, this will affect how people perceive the size of the room, than install a large mirror on the wall and finally, don’t go overboard when choosing a bathtub.

A Small Place Can Be FRIENDLY!

Start Building Your Project Today

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